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Folder Size for Windows 2.3

Folder Size for Windows is an add-on that displays the size of a folder
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Folder Size for Windows is an add-on that displays the size of a folder. Targeted for Windows 2000 and XP, Folder Size adds a 'Folder Size' field to Windows Explorer that allows the user to visualize in real time what the size of his folders is. Similar to the File Size field, this new field makes working with files and folders a whole lot easier. People who constantly add, duplicate, copy, paste, delete, and manage files know how much of a nuisance it can become to continually have to go to the properties of a folder to know the size of a folder. This process can take up to minutes on slow computers. With Folder Size for Windows, the user can all together forget about this. Size is displayed (by default) in the second column in Windows Explorer, and users can see it in real-time. The application will constantly scan for changes in the users' file directory to display those changes in size in the Folder Size field. However, the program will not use all your resources for this. Moreover, when Folder Size for Windows detects that the disk is reading or writing heavily for other applications, it will give up those resources so that the other applications can have priority over disk usage. Folder Size for Windows does not prompt the user to start a scan; it simply scans in the background to make sure that all readings are up to date. This great application is free of charge and comes in really handy for anyone who needs to manage files and folders and know the sizes of them all.

José Fernández
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  • A must have for anyone who really uses their systems
  • It is free
  • Does not clot your computer performance


  • Will not work on Vista or Windows 9X/ME
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